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Personal protection ... insecticide treated bednets
For individual and family use, insecticide treated bednets reduce malaria transmission. Modern textiles give long lasting quality to the bednet, otherwise they need frequent retreatment.

Image credit: Seeking permission

Image credit: Seeking permission

Bednets save lives
When people sleep under bednets, and are not exposed to being bitten by mosquitoes while they are asleep ... there is a reduction in malaria mobidity and mortality.

Bednets reduce transmission to others
If someone with malaria sleeps under a bednet, transmission of the malaria parasite by mosquitoes is reduced.

Insecticide treated bednets
Insecticide treated bednets are more effective than untreated bednets. The mosquito is attracted to a human blood meal by the carbon dioxide exhaled during breathing, and will find a hole in an untreated net. Where the net is treated with an insecticide the mosquito will either be repelled or will be killed by the chemical.

Long lasting or regular
Long lasting insecticide impregnated bednets have the insecticide impregrnated into the textile fiber and last as much as five years. On the other hand regular insecticide treated bednets need to be retreated with insecticide every few months.

Costa and effectiveness
For a person sleeping under a bednet, it appears clear that the risk of being infected with malaria is substantially reduced. However, the cost and effectiveness of using bednets as a public health initiative is less clear. There are some indication that the cost per death averted is some three times higher using bednets than with a community based use of interior residual spraying.

Useful part of an integrated program
Bednets are a useful part of an integrated program. They are probably going to be the most cost effective in areas that are remote from major human populations, and they also serve an important role in helping to isolate those with malaria and thus reduce transmission of malaria to others.
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