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The basic scientific knowledge needed to abate malaria was learned in the last years of the 19th century. It was famously applied by Gorgas during the construction of the Panama Canal and by Ross in places all over the world. In the 25 years following the Second World War II, there was great success in reducing the prevalence of malaria. Much of this was done through source reduction and making use of DDT.

Success in the USA
In the modern day most people have forgotten that the USA had endemic malaria, especially in the South.
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Success in the Japan
After the Second World War, a program to reduce malaria in Japan was very successful. The number of cases dropped from around 28,000 cases a year to under 100.
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Success in the Maldives
Success in the Maldives ... during the 1970s cases of malaria in the islands was reduced from several hundreds a year to almost none.
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Success in KwaZulu Natal
Success in KwaZulu ... but then a change in policy and the cases increased dramatically to almost 65,000 in a single year. When interior residual spraying with DDT was brought back, the incidence of malaria cases dropped to under 10,000.
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Success on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
Success on Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea has been very impressive. Using a combination of interior residual spraying (IRS) and medical case management, the Marathon Oil Company has reduced the level of malaria parasites in mosquitoes by 94% and the malaria parasites in children by 44%.
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