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Environmental clean up
Environmental clean up is a powerful tool to reduce the impact of malaria in a community. It was used during the Gorgas campaign to control malaria during the construction of the Panama Canal. It can be done in any community using community workers and volunteers.

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There are hundreds of places where mosquitoes breed
Mosquitoes lay eggs in any place where there is standing water. After a few days the eggs change inot larva. After a few more days the eggs go through a pupa stage and then emerge as flying mosquitoes. In most cases the best way to control mosquitoes is to control the source. This involves either eliminating the source or killing the mosquito larvae when they are immobile and not yet flying mosquitoes.

Need to identify sites
Someone has to identify a possible breeding site. In many cases a breeding site can be eliminated by draining the water.

If a breeding site cannot be eliminated, then it must be treated in some way so that it does not produce mosquitoes. There are various techniques for killing mosquito larva including biological agents such as Bti.
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