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The Medical Dimension
Malaria Plasmodium Life Cycle
The malaria plasmodium life cycle is fairly well understood ... certainly in terms of the life of the parasite in the human host, and its journey with the mosquito vector.

Image credit ... Seeking permission

The image shows schematically how the malaria plasmodium parasite has a life in the human host, and does damage to the blood and the human organs ... and also has a life in the mosquito. As the mosquito takes blood meals from different humans, the malaria plasmodium parasite moves from host to host.

Image credit ... Seeking permission

This schematic helps to clarify the various stages of the malaria plasmodium life cycle. The parasite makes a person feel ill when the parasite multiplies and starts to damage the bllod or one of the organs. The parasite may remain in the human host for a very long time without making the person feel ill, but still a source of parasite transmission to the mosquito vector and other human hosts ... and the cycle continues.

The challenge is to break the cycle permanently. Stop the mosquitoes biting infected human hosts and stop infected mosquitoes from biting humans.
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