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Scientific Data and Management Information
The optimization of performance for malaria control requires a strong integration of scientific data and management information.

Scientific data
Scientific data are very important. They are needed both to optimize short term interventions and to understand the bigger issues that can produce breakthrough solutions and avoid worsening situations. The science that is already known is substantial, and if well used, can produce good results ... but it needs to be mobilized in an optimum way based on a strong flow of relevant data.
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Management information
Management information is the least amount of information needed to make the best possible decision. This is a very different dynamic than is the nore for the scientific and academic community. If the results are world class ... the management information is probably good enough and doing its job.
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Collecting data
Collecting data is expensive, and must be done in the most cost effective way. This means getting as much of the data collection work as possible to be done by volunteers and by local people at low cost and with an interest in getting the benefits of an improved health environment.
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Rapid analysis
The value of data usually declines with age. In the case of the malaria and mosquito environment where there are rapid changes in the biology and behavior or the parasite and the vestor, rapid data collection and rapid analysis is very much valued. Some analysis can be done locally and used immediately to improve the performance of the program. Other data can be incorporated into a larger data store and broader analysis carried out. The combination of local data and broader global analysis is very valuable.
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Data communication ... data store
After data are collected, they need to be communicated to places where the data can be analyzed and used for scientific analysis and management information. Cooperation with telecentres is a good way to have access to efficient Internet communication. Local analysis can be done within a locally maintained database, and global analysis can be handled using a larger scale data store with larger scale analysis of the data.
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Scientific analysis
Scientific analysis helps with basic understanding of the science of the problem and how solutions might be implemented. Scientific analysis usually moves foreward to a process of peer review and scientific publication. Data that is obtained in the course of IMMC work should be used in this manner to the extent that this is of value in helping to ensure success in eradicating malaria.
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Management analysis
Management analysis aims to answer simple questions about costs and results ... is the mix of activities as low cost as it can be and delivering the most possible results for the money expended. This is simple information that people wwould almost always prefer to keep secret because, more than anything else, these numbers demonstrate success or failure and serve to be the foundation of certain accountability.
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